beets, carrots, csa share image, cucumbers, dill, green cabbage, Hakurei salad turnips, nappa cabbage, oak leaf lettuce, parsley, red Russian kale, scallions, strawberries, zephyr squash, zucchini

Week 5, CSA share contents

Hi folks! Here’s the run down of this week’s share. The summer squash are coming on in full force, so be ready for it! We’re at that good place right now where we have the last of the spring goods (e.g., carrots, beets, and greens) and then we’re coming into the summer goods (e.g., zucchini, squash, cucumbers). Look at this beautiful spread (this is an example of a regular sized share).

strawberries, zucchini, dill and parsley, and zephyr squash

tatsoi, Hakurei turnips, beets, red Russian kale and green oak leaf lettuce
Chinese cabbage, green cabbage, scallions and carrots
green cabbageChinese cabbage
beets and greens
zephyr squash
red Russian kale (aka ragged Jack)
Hakurei salad turnips
green oak leaf lettuce
dill and parsley
Gorgeous fruits and veggies!
Thanks for stopping by!


  • I'm having trouble commenting today, so hopefully this is not a repeat..The share this week looks amazing. My challenge will be to use it all while on vacation. At least we'll have a kitchen!- Jen

  • Jen, Cool, I think this is the first time we've had a member take their share with them on vacation. Definitely keep us posted on how that turns out :). Also, and you may already know this and plan for this, but if you're planning on driving during the day and for longer than an hour or so, it's probably a good idea to bring a cooler with you for the produce (particularly the lettuce and greens, as they wilt fairly easily). See you at market! Patricia

  • Yep, we've got a cooler. If I can manage to fit all the refrigerated/frozen stuff I want to bring it'll be a miracle, but I'm going to try my best.- Jen

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