The Word on our 2011 Fall CSA

Ben’s Produce offers vegetables, strawberries & flowers of the highest quality and taste in the Triangle. Our mission is to strive for healthier people, community, agriculture and planet by growing and sharing the best tasting food we can. Our farming practices may surpass organic guidelines but we choose not to be certified because we areContinue reading “The Word on our 2011 Fall CSA”

Week 2, May 2-8 Share Contents

Hi folks! I have pictures of the share contents for Week 2. To avoid forgetting to take the pictures, I photographed the produce pre-wash, so you’ll notice soil on the veggies. They’ll be nice and clean when you pick them up, of course. But it’s always good to give them another cleaning before you useContinue reading “Week 2, May 2-8 Share Contents”

Glorious Greens! – They sure are pretty, but what do I do with them?

So, the fall and winter seasons bring us lots of greens and lots of root vegetables. If you don’t know what to do with them – and they’re really quite versatile and easy to put in just about everything – they can pile up on you and make you feel like your bounty is aContinue reading “Glorious Greens! – They sure are pretty, but what do I do with them?”

Ben’s Produce Summer Spaghetti

Ingredients1 summer squash1 Japanese eggplant2 small red onions3 tomatoesfresh basil sprigs1 tablespoon olive oil8-16 ounces cooked pastashredded Parmesansalt, pepper, garlic (diced)1 pound ground beef from Smith Angus Farm Preparation1. Dice tomatoes. Reserve about half for garnish. 2. Chop, slice or dice remaining vegetables (with peels on).3. Brown beef with onions and garlic (or just onionsContinue reading “Ben’s Produce Summer Spaghetti”

you say tomato…i say YUM!

Hi everyone out there in cyberspace (wow – remember when that term was used regularly?!). I hope you’re having a fabulous summer and keeping as cool as you can. We’re still sporting our multi-bandanna stylee and drinking lots and lots of water to keep hydrated. Life is good – and it would be even betterContinue reading “you say tomato…i say YUM!”

Summer Breeze

Most of us are familiar with standard crook neck yellow squash and basic zucchini. These types are what are typically offered at most grocery stores. But take a stroll through any farmer’s market when summer squash is in season, and you’ll realize they come in so many more colors and shapes. In case these differentContinue reading “Summer Breeze”

Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad

I told a few of you I would share this recipe. I found it in the March 2010 issue of Prevention. We haven’t had a chance to try this recipe yet, but it sounds really yummy and we’re gonna give it a try this weekend. Here’s what it looks like (YUM!) The recipe calls forContinue reading “Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad”

Recipe Sharing Community Forum

  Hi ya’ll! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Monday afternoon. I am getting quite a bit of work done for classes, but became distracted by the thought of posting this request – which is basically to ask those of you who have made tasty treats with Ben’s Produce to please shareContinue reading “Recipe Sharing Community Forum”

Food Glorious Food!

  Before Ben started farming full-time, there were a TON of foods I’d never tried or cooked. While I’d had beets in my life, I’d always had them straight out of the can. The only way I ever ate them was from the can, with chopped raw onion and vinaigrette dressing. It’s yummy – butContinue reading “Food Glorious Food!”