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Fall/Winter CSA Week #1 (originally written 9.23.14)

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Hi folks!

Elliott & Grandma taking a break from the dairy.

We’re baaaaaack! I hope you are all ready to get the season started. We are :). I’m going to cut it short today, as we’ve been up since 2:30 a.m. to get to our 6:30 a.m. flight to Boston from Barrington (with enough time to drop off the rental car, take the shuttle & check in a bag). We got back to the farm, ate breakfast with my parents & just finished our farm walk to see what we would have available for members for our first week of the Fall season. I figured I’d better go ahead & write the email now while my brain seems to still be working on the 45 minutes of sleep or so I got last night ;). Sooooo, to get to it, here’s what you’ll see in your shares this week:

– eggplant

– tomatoes

– okra

– sweet peppers

– chiles

– kale

– tatsoi or bok choy (this may be in the form of a “pick one” or it may be one or the other, depending on the day of the week of your pick up)

– lettuce

Large shares will also see:

– dandelion greens (these are legit – they’re not the chicory of last year)

– senposai (this is sometimes referred to as Asian collards, but I think this must be only because of their appearance because they are tender & taste nothing like collards, to me at least – they are super tasty regardless) ūüôā

– French breakfast radishes

Can you believe it’s Fall already!?!?! Yummy yummy green goodness! I’m so happy to have them all back :). & I’m not tired of peppers or tomatoes or eggplant yet either, so I’m happy for that too.

We’ll see you Tuesday (at Five Points 4:30-6:30pm), Wednesday (here at the farm 4-7pm) & Saturday at WWFM (8-noon). Have a fantastic week!


P.S. Please send along any recipes you think would utilize these ingredients well & I will share them with everyone. I will also work on finding some good ones for you for some of these items. & those of you who are newbies, don’t worry. I’ll be at the pick up sites to talk about these items & what you can do with them. I know you may not have heard of some of these things, much less have cooked them before.

‚ÄčElliott loves cows, as lots of you know. He seriously woke up one morning & said “Moo” before he even opened his eyes. When I asked, “What did you say?” He replied with, “Go see cows!” This kid.