456 Friendly Pooch Lane Pittsboro, NC 27312

Ben Shields: 919-417-0705

Patricia Parker: 919-637-0666


  • Hi, Wasn’t sure how to reach you, but we would like to pick up our produce on an even week. Looking forward to seeing you. Kathleen & Chris Larsen

    • Hi Kathleen,

      I sent you an email, but I’ll post here too just in case. Our contact info is above & our primary form of contact is via email at You can simply click “reply” when you are responding to an email, as in the case with the request for picking up on even weeks. We look forward to meeting you as well & to the start of the Spring/Summer CSA.


      • Ben and Patricia.
        Best of luck this weekend with the farm tour. The organizing was excellent for this event. Makes me think we should do it in Ashfield. Ah, yes one more thing to do this time of year.
        Sorry we didn’t get to visit when we were in Pittsboro. Flight cancellations and some ill health made it not possible in the end. Excited to read you have fruit trees! Ours are only at green tip .
        Gary Phillips is an ole friend of mine, that’s who we were visiting.
        To a good growing season.
        Alan Surprenant and Abby Straus

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