What is CSA?

CSA is a mutually beneficial arrangement between you (our co-producers) & us, your farmers. We have the skills, the know-how & the land to grow your food. You have your knowledge & skills & the economic capital investment. While we know not everyone is into knowing where their food comes from & who grows it, if you’re in our CSA, not only do we hope you get to know us, but we want to get to know you!

We offer a number of different CSA share sizes to accommodate different lifestyles/households. We do not pre-box our shares, but rather we offer them to members market style. That means we have them out for y’all to choose from. So, not only do you get to choose which tomatoes or cucumbers you want, you also get to swap items out for others, using our member-suggested swap box. We know we can’t compete with the big box guys & gals when it comes to convenience, but we do think we have a good handle on diversity, product freshness & flavor, as well as numerous others that aren’t easily put into words. Join our CSA & you’ll see what we mean. You can read more about what our members think about their CSA experiences at our Local Harvest listing here.

What do members receive?

  • weekly emails with farm updates, photos, recipes & other ideas
  • invitations to on-farm events such as our annual Spring & Autumn potluck parties
  • invitations to on-farm pick-your-own events, particularly with our blueberries, but also possibly with our strawberries, sugar snaps, pole beans, etc. (the latter are open to CSA members only & CSA members get first dibs on the blueberries come picking time)
  • convenient pick up locations through out the week, including on-farm pick up
  • opportunities to establish a work share relationship (do you want to work for your veggies & learn more about farming – email us!)
  • super fresh, delicious & nutritious food
  • the chance to influence what & how we grow – we send out yearly surveys to our members for suggestions in ways we can make the experience even better!