2011: Year of Inspiration, Motivation, and, most importantly, FUN!

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!  Well, howdy do! We’re caught up in the spirit of the new year around these parts. Saturday we’ll begin having more than 10 hours of daylight (10 hours and one minute, to be exact) and that means things will begin growing again. Most of our produce has been slumbering beautifully andContinue reading “2011: Year of Inspiration, Motivation, and, most importantly, FUN!”

Pictures from May 1st Market

I realized that I’d forgotten to post the latest pictures from market. Y’all may or may not want to see them (if not, move on down for more useful recipes) :). Ben holding the tent down. It was a little windy last Saturday. We hope to have weights by next Saturday. So, we tried theContinue reading “Pictures from May 1st Market”