We are a small, family farm. The farm is worked by farm & life partners Patricia Parker & Benjamin Shields. We do not have any employees, though we have had interns & an apprentice in the past. Additionally, we receive a lot of support from our CSA members. Members come out to volunteer, but they also have the option to sign up for a work share (work 2-3 five hour on-farm shifts in exchange for a discount on their share cost.

We not only grow everything that we sell/offer through CSA, we start everything but our strawberry plants from seed ourselves.  Our long-term goal is that we save our own seed as well. We have saved our own seed for some of our crops (e.g., kale, okra, dill), but we are still a long way from saving it all (baby steps, right?). In the meantime, we purchase our seeds from companies we can stand behind. About half of our seeds are heirloom & none of our seeds are GMO.


Our page is currently under construction. We will begin posting pictures of our produce here & will slowly, but surely, also add recipes to these.

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