Music on the Porch

Music on the Porch, produce stand

The Produce List 9/25/09 and we’re going to a wedding next week (so, sadly, no stand)


Hi all! Today I went with Ben to Double-T farm to help him tie tomatoes and pick some of our produce for this afternoon. I’m currently working on a couple papers on farming, I thought it would be nice to actually get out on the farm for some inspiration. While I was there, I took a few pictures to share with ya’ll.

But, before we get to those, I did want to let you know that Ben and I will not be setting up the produce stand next week. We’re going to Massachusetts to see Ben’s family as well as to go to his cousin’s wedding. We’re super pumped about the trip, but we’re also sad to miss out on one of our Fridays. Music on the Porch is such a fabulous routine, I know it will feel strange to miss it…but we’ll be back the following weeks for sure :0).

Okay, here’s the list of produce we’ll be offering this evening at Music on the Porch:

Bok choi*


Swiss chard*

Red Russian kale*


Eggplant (Asian and Italian)


Cubanelle peppers (sweet)

Bell peppers (sweet – multi-colored)

Anaheim Chiles (spicy)

Poblanos (spicy)

Watermelon (sugar babies)

Sun jewel melons (Asian melons)

Okay – now, for the pictures:

lettuce on the farm

the veggie cart full of the stuff we picked this morning – getting ready to be washed

ben, through the tomatoes (the one’s we tied up today)

these are black cherry tomatoes – they taste kind of like cherry versions of cherokee purples (yum!)

i love okra flowers!

more gorgeous lettuce on the farm

this was first thing this morning – headed to the field to pick produce for this evening

eggplant flowers are pretty beautiful too!

ben making the supports for tying tomatoes

washing the veggies

tatsoi and bok choi

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon :0).