summer squash

Summer Squash Recipes to get ya started

I know a few of you have been having some trouble figuring out what the heck to do with all the squash you’re getting, so I figured I’d post a few recipes (and links in some cases…). I will be posting an update about our move to the farm – with pictures, of course 🙂 – very soon. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, count on it then. Until then, here are a few recipes to tide you over.

Easy Squash Dressing
Anything that’s easy is good to me. We haven’t tried this one yet, but we will very soon. It calls for breadcrumbs, cream of chicken soup (but I’m sure you could substitute cream of mushroom or make your own vegan creamy conconction instead), onion, salt and pepper, and squash of course. Click on the link to get to the site. 

Zucchini Creole with Tomatoes and Peppers
This one calls for a few more ingredients than the first, but if you already have most of them handy this one’s pretty easy too. And yummy.

Squash Casserole
This one’s from Paula Deen – so you know it’s good – but probably not good for you ;).

Well, that’s it for now. Ben just got home. It’s time for dinner and a little relaxing. It’s been a crazy few weeks. We can finally stop to catch our breath – for a minute.

Thanks for stopping by!

Patricia & Ben

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