So much to say, so little time

Hi folks out there in internet-land! While we’ve kept our presence strong in the real world, Facebook, Instagram & in emails to our members, we’ve been fairly negligent when it comes to this website & its blog. I will work to remedy this, but understand this optimism is often a product of January weather & day length.

One of our long-time members has offered to help us with some of our site formatting issues. I’m guessing they will be really easy for him, while they’ve been things I’ve struggled to remedy for a couple of years now! Things like consistent font & formatting & the ability to edit something basic like changing the typo “welome” on our HOME PAGE to “welcome” – you’d think this would be an easy task, but you’d be wrong. At least if you were me. Or Ben. Ha. We hope to have some of these basic annoyances fixed soon. After that, I’ll work more on content as much as I am able. The kids are currently 15 months & almost four and a half. So it’s a little hard to get much computer work done & this isn’t the kind of thing I want to work on from my phone.

Anyway, there’s SOOOOOOOOO much that’s changed since my last blog post & I hope to be back soon to tell you more about it. In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook & Instagram.




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