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Summer Breeze

Most of us are familiar with standard crook neck yellow squash and basic zucchini. These types are what are typically offered at most grocery stores. But take a stroll through any farmer’s market when summer squash is in season, and you’ll realize they come in so many more colors and shapes. In case these different varieties are new to you, I’m going to introduce you to a few different varieties.

This little zucchini is called eight ball.

 This is a yellow zucchini variety called floridor.

This is a patty pan squash called flying saucer.
And here’s another patty pan called star ship.
This one’s called zephyr.
These are just a few of many different kinds of squash. They are not only beautiful, they taste really darn good too!When it comes to eating these different varieties, you can treat them as you would your more typical summer squash. The round and patty pans types just call for different slicing methods – but there are no hard and fast rules about how. I like to cut the patty pans in wedges. You can also stuff patty pans. I like to slice the ball varieties into large circle slices. Others like to chop these into cubes. 

Here’s an awesome stuffed patty pan recipe (but you could use other varieties and you could change up the stuffing) I found on A Veggie Venture‘s website here. It’s an awesome site.You’ll have to follow the link to get to the recipes, but here’s what it looks like (yum!).

Here’s another one from The Veggie Venture site. It’s basic, easy and yummy. You can access the recipe here

Well, it’s time to get back to packing. Ben and I are moving out to the farm in Clayton next week. We’re pumped – but now that the packing has begun, and the move is in transition, it’s starting to feel a little weird leaving. This is where Ben and I first moved and lived together (he from NYC, me from TN). We have awesome neighbors. We love this neighborhood. We love the people. We’re definitely going to miss living here. But we’re also SO looking forward to moving out to the country. And living ON the farm!!! *Sigh* It’s been good here and it’s going to be good there.And I’m really looking forward to seeing lightning bugs blinking whole fields with light. 

See y’all Tuesday at pick up and Saturday at market. Have a great week! (Revision: See y’all Wednesday and Saturday – the trucks are stuck – CSA drop is re-scheduled for Wednesday).

Patricia & Ben

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