Cary Magazine, farmers market

Extra, Extra!

Hi y’all! We had a good day at market today. We almost sold out of everything by 9:30! And that was the case for quit a few of the vendors today. I guess the gorgeous weather brought out more folks than usual. We also found out today that we were pictured in Cary Magazine (click here to read the article). We’ll have to buy a couple copies (for ourselves and for our folks, of course). We weren’t interviewed for the article, but that doesn’t really matter much. We’re just glad they featured the Western Wake Farmer’s Market (and we’re also glad they put our faces in there too!). Well, I’m keeping it short today. I’m still working on a writing marathon. It feels like I’m never going to be finished with these papers, but that’s the way it goes. Soon they’ll be handed in, I’ll have the class I teach grades in, and we’ll be heading out to the farm – to live. And I can finally contribute more of my time to working in the dirt :). Have a good rest of the weekend and for the mamas out there, have a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Patricia & Ben

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