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Pictures from May 1st Market

I realized that I’d forgotten to post the latest pictures from market. Y’all may or may not want to see them (if not, move on down for more useful recipes) :).

Ben holding the tent down. It was a little windy last Saturday. We hope to have weights by next Saturday.

So, we tried the “sustainable farming” board (recall, it’s illegal to use the term “organic” if you are not certified organic – that includes saying that we’re “non-certified organic”). It’s completely understandable that farmers who are certified don’t want others to use the term. They pay good money and have to deal with quite a bit of bureaucracy to gain their certification. However, it does seem fairly unreasonable not to use the term “non-certified organic”. Regardless, we are still working through this. It seems that this sign actually generated more questions that the one from market the prior Saturday. I think we’ll keep trying – but may stick to the one from last time. Please let us know if you have any ideas or recommendations for dealing with this. 🙂

I have no idea what I’m doing here or why I’m looking away. Either Ben snapped a few pictures while I wasn’t paying attention (because there are numerous pictures like these), I rarely look straight forward, or I was being silly striking sideways poses. This was the first time I wore my hair down at market. I don’t think I’ll be doing this again any time soon. It wasn’t too hot for it, but I don’t think hair and edibles really mix ;). I’m fairly certain none went into the produce, but I certainly don’t want to risk it! (I can see Ben grimmacing about that last statement now, “Patricia, don’t tell people there might be hair in their produce. Just let it be.” Whatever 🙂 farmers’ markets are all about transparency, right? 😉

We realize other vendors sell their strawberries for $1 less per quart than we do. However, we have been making a real effort to let folks sample the berries and determine for themselves whether they think the berries are worth the extra $1. I don’t think we’ve won everyone over – which is certainly not the goal. Part of our philosophy regards an emphasis in cooperation among farmers (as opposed to competition) – so, if folks prefer the other berries, well, that’s good for small farmers overall. 🙂 BUT, we still say, give ours a try. I am convinced we have the best berries in town. I’ve never eaten any as sweet as these (and I grew up picking strawberries in the summers)…I’ll leave it at that ;).

Okay. This will be the LAST blog for a bit. I’m overdoing it. And if you’re wondering why, it’s because I have writer’s block (for school) and I need to get SOMETHING on “paper”. Thanks for bearing with me (and acting as my muse – my papers are about farming).

Good night!

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