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Labor Day brings end of summer!

Thank you all for a fabulous Friday last week at Music on the Porch! Thanks to Guy, Will and Peace China for their continued support and especially you! It was quite the surprise to be called up on stage by Guy last Friday! Guess I’ll have to turn up the microphone next time! We were glad to hear shouts of support…

Labor Day was this past Monday, heralding the end of summer and ushering in the fall season at Ben’s Produce and Double-T Farm. We have been quite busy on the farm. We’ve transplanted thousands of plants for fall harvest, such as green onions, Asian greens, lots of lettuce and beets. We’ve also planted the first round of carrots, radishes and turnips, which we’ll start to harvest in early October. We’ve also started to pot new strawberry plants for next spring, about 7000 plants!

This week we will offer Italian and Asian eggplant, cucumbers, the last of the summer squash, okra, sweet and hot peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, onions and basil. We may possibly have tomatoes depending on availability.

Here are some photos from the farm this week:

Eggplant in it’s natural environment!

Okra flower and fruit…

Newly transplanted Chinese Cabbage…

Young Fall cucumber plants in a high tunnel…

Fall tomato crop in a high tunnel…

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