The Produce List 9/18/09

Hi ya’ll!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Is it just us, or does it seem like Fridays keep getting here faster and faster? Tomorrow will mark our 6th week at Music on the Porch. The season is slowly changing – you can almost feel fall in the air. It seems like things are a little more magical when the seasons are in transition. More magical and more hectic. Ben’s been busy on the farm; I’ve been busy with school. We all have our busy lives to attend to. That’s why I’m so glad we have Friday evenings to just take a breath and slow it down and soak it all in just a little more than we’re able to during the week.

So, since things have been so busy, we don’t have any photos to share with you from this week on the farm. This week, it’s just the produce list (and a little wistful rambling from yours truly).

Produce Available Tomorrow:

Cubanelle peppers (sweet)

Various colors of bell peppers (sweet)

Anaheim chiles (spicy)

Pablano peppers (spicy)


Eggplant (Italian and Asian)

Acorn squash (winter squash)


Sun Jewel Melons

We’re sad to say that there will not be any cucumbers, summer squash, or onions this week – but hopefully the okra, acorn squash, and melons will make up for that :0).

Oh, we may have tomatoes and basil…

Thanks for stopping by!

See you tomorrow.


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