Ben’s Produce Stand Goodies 9/04/09 at Music on the Porch

Wowie! Thanks again for an awesome Friday. The band was great and the spirit of the crowd was great – all of this in spite of the rainy evening. A kind thanks to Wei of Peace China for providing us with a table and tent! Otherwise, I’m not really sure what we’d do! We look forward to seeing your faces again tomorrow. Please stop by the stand to say hello – even if you don’t need any produce, we’d love to talk with you :0).

Here’s the list of the produce that will be available at our stand tomorrow:

Summer squash (including butterpans, yellow crook neck, eightballs, and zucchini)

Eggplant (including Asain and Italian varieties)

Cubanelles (sweet peppers – they are yummy!)

Pablanos (hot peppers – also extremely tasty)

Chiles (hot peppers – I like to use these in pasta sauces and cooked in burgers)



Possibly Okra, Tomatoes and Sun Jewel Melons

Mother Nature is slowly but surely toning down the heat and we have some previews of the produce that will soon be on it’s way


bok choi

tat soi

green onion


Angel preparing the ground for turnips (the three main laborers on the farm include, Tom (of Double-T Farm), Ben, and Angel

Tom sowing carrot seeds

…and for the grand finale! Here’s my cartoon version of Ben (since he couldn’t take a picture of himself today at the farm sowing turnip seeds). Hahahaha! ;0)

We’ll be seeing ya’ll tomorrow!

WELL – it seems I spoke/wrote too soon. As soon as I finished writing this blog and posting it (the first time), Ben did send me a picture of him working on the farm (I’m keeping the other one up too though, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to make Ben look so darn goofy) :0)

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