Asian-Style Black Radish Sauté

Lots of folks tell us they don’t know what to do with radishes. Here’s one yummy way to use them. Seriously. Try it. You’ll love it.

Grabbing the Gusto

A quick Asian-style sauté of black radishes with red bell pepper, garlic, red pepper flakes, cilantro, mirin rice wine and sesame oil — this recipe would work well with other types of radishes too.


I was never a big radish fan. Even though we always have radishes in our nightly salad, if Jim didn’t like them so much, I would never think of adding them. I used to always eat them but I could have lived without them. It’s not that they’re bitter—I like bitter flavors, but radishes always left me feeling “meh.” Supermarket radishes, that is.

Then we started getting radishes in our CSA share—regular red radishes and watermelon radishes. Now, I got why people like radishes. It was like going from canned sliced black olives (aka washers) to oil-cured Moroccan olives. What a difference. Finally, flavor! And moisture!

After the run of watermelon radishes, we started getting black radishes…

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