Ham Bone, Beans and Greens Soup

Another yummy one from Deirdre 🙂

Grabbing the Gusto

Ham bone (and ham), beans, sweet potato and greens soup — a big bowl of tasty comfort that’s a perfect recipe for a chilly day or night. Don’t have a ham bone? Sear some slices of ham instead. Mmm mmm good.


It all started with a ham bone. As soon as I saw Jim taking a ham out of a grocery bag after Thanksgiving, I claimed the bone. At first, I planned on making Hoppin’ John soup for New Year’s Day. But since New Year’s Day is also Jim’s birthday, I made what he wanted for dinner: corned beef and cabbage.

Ham Bone, Beans & Greens Soup | Grabbing the Gusto My ham bone after cooking in the soup. What a beauty, huh?
Ham Bone, Beans & Greens Soup | Grabbing the Gusto

This week, I remembered the bone I had stashed in the freezer and decided to make soup. I started with the usual soup base of onion…

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