Announcing our Fall 2010 CSA!

Hi y’all!

We’re offering a Fall CSA share this year. It’s gonna be good and you know you want one 😉 … especially if you like fresh, organic, locally grown produce (espeically green produce – it’s the fall afterall!). You can access our Fall CSA Brochure HERE. Please check it out and spread the word. The CSA can and does build community. At best, we’ll become friends. Real ones. Pals and confidants, even. At worst, we’ll have a better relationship than we would have if you bought your produce at a grocery store (especially a chain) and we worked at one/sold to one. Basically: it’s a WIN WIN situation :).

Alrighty! I’m done with that. If you’re not convinced – well, I might just have to do some more convincin’ – but hopefully you’ll sign on if you can. Even if you’re not interested in (or able to do) the CSA thing this Fall – please talk to us. We’d love to hear your comments, recipes and just plain ol’ stories. Give us a call. Leave a comment here. Email us. Message us on Facebook in internetland OR Stop by the farm (but please do call and schedule with us first)! We’d love to have you.

Patricia & Ben


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