All Smiles

Last week I received an e-mail from a friend, colleague, and (new) Ben’s Produce customer, Sarah. So many of you have shown us so many kindnesses and I thought I’d share this one with all of you. We are truly blessed to have so many beautiful people in our lives. We are so very grateful!

With Sarah’s permission, here’s her e-mail:
I want to let you know that I had a sort of transformative experience last night with the delicious produce I got from you and Ben. I just made a simple salad with lettuce mix, carrots, radishes and an onion I already had. It was fabulous. While I was tearing the lettuce I just felt different about it. I was more aware that this came to me from PEOPLE’s WORK and even the way the bags were tied reminded me of this. At the grocery store where there are product labels and manufactured tags and bags, etc. it is easy to forget the labor that goes into getting that stuff in mass quantity so that consumers can be choosy. It is too easy to forget the farmers and the laborers, even for me who’s sensitive to that sort of thing.  I almost felt like I was working with a gift someone gave me and I found myself appreciating the farming process a lot more. It was weird, and cool.  I’m so glad I took the plunge and I’ll be ordering more stuff from you regularly. Please pass this on to Ben, and I thank you both for all your hard work! 🙂

 Aw shucks! Thank you Sarah. And…

Patricia & Ben

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