Hello Pigeon Roost, Hello Spring!

Hello All,

We have returned from visiting Patricia’s parents in Middle Tennessee this past weekend. They purchased 25 acres of land this winter and we went to see it and camp out on it. Most of it is woods but some is suitable to farming someday. There is a creek, a duck pond with not only ducks but also geese, swans, chickens, a rhea (a large flightless bird native to South America) and a flock of wild peacocks!

I worked like a dog before we went to TN to get stuff in the ground and now its back to working like a dog again. Springtime is a time of immense work. Whatever needs to be done needed to be done yesterday. The BIG PUSH to get everything up and growing occurs between March and the end of May generally and then it slows down slightly until August when we start the fall/winter season planting. Anyhow, we’re glad to be back in NC and on the farm.

For all you CSA members and those interested, we will start CSA pickup in late April. We will let you know a week ahead of the first pick up. Please sign up for the 5 Points CSA Yahoo Group here for information on the other farms who are attending. There will be naturally raised chicken, beef, eggs and honey available and possibly raw milk.

This coming Tuesday, March 23rd, we plan to have produce pickup at our house, 604 Sasser St., between 4:00 to 7:30 pm. The next NCSU delivery will be Wednesday, March 24th. Remember to have your orders placed by Monday evening.

A few of you occasionally may have trouble placing orders. Please make sure you receive an automated confirmation email a few minutes after you place your order. If you do not receive this email your order was not placed and we will not receive it. Please try again or email us your order to shields.ben@gmail.com or call Ben @ 919-800-8898. Also, we do not accept online payments, e.g. PayPal. We only accept payment of cash or checks at pickup.

Purchase of vegetables is made through our online store-

Newly available vegetables:
Easter Egg Radish
Lettuce Mesclun
Mixed Mesclun (all the above except radish)

Current vegetable availability includes:
baby beets
brussels sprouts
sweet potatoes

Late winter /early spring vegetables will include:
broccoli raab
swiss chard

Photo descriptions from Patricia:

Ben and I helping my dad post signs in the woods
Haha. Dad and Ben. Ben’s leanin with the tree.

Ah – more lovely blue skies.
Charlie Parker roaming the woods. He ran non-stop – poor guy is a farm dog living in the city.

Check out the slant behind me. This “little” valley is one heck of a climb.
Charlie and I checking out the creek. He’s on a leash here because there were other dogs around, but once he was off the leash, he jumped right in fetching sticks.
Well, that’s it for now. We had a great time in TN, but we’re happy to be back home in Raleigh (well, except for maybe Charlie). Thanks for stopping by.


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