• This is such a wonderful way to support local ag! And we will especially appreciate the extra local grown produce donated to feed the hungry right here in the Triangle. :)Best of luck with the Summer 2010 CSA!

  • Hi Brenda – I think Ben already got back with you on this, but just in case not, the answer is YES! 🙂 You can just print out the form on this page, fill it out and mail it our way (or else drop by at the Western Wake Farmer's Market Saturday). You can also call Ben at 919-800-8898.

  • I am interested in getting a half share? Is the pricing still the same? Also, have I missed out of some of the season (I know you mentioned there are about 23 weeks of food…I didn't know if I joined now if there would be less)?Thanks so much!

  • Hi. Is this the person I spoke with at the Western Wake Farmer's Market about this on Saturday? If so (or actually, even if not), please e-mail me at parker.patricia@gmail.com OR call Ben at 919-800-8898 sometime tomorrow to speak with us about this more fully :). Thanks.

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