Fresh, local veggies for winter!

Hello All!

Step outside early these mornings and what do we see? The work of Jack Frost! Cold weather is here, albeit intermittently, as evidenced by the frost covered cabbage shown here. This picture is from last Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving.

We hope y’all had a wonderful holiday. We gave thanks for all our blessing, which includes you, our supporters! We couldn’t do this without you. We also gave thanks for the cold weather, which allows us to slow down and attend to tasks.

On the farm, Tom, Angel and I finished framing a 96′ x 16′ hoophouse yesterday and covered it with plastic today. We now have 3 such houses in production with a fourth house on the way. The weather was pretty good today to install the plastic, it was warm, sunny and calm. It went without a hitch, very nice. The hoophouses are planted with green onions, lettuce and asian greens, which we are planning on harvesting in January. So beware, winter veggies will still be with us in the depths of cold weather. Here is a photo of me planting lettuce.

We also have been putting row covers over plants out in the field. We have covered lettuce, swiss chard, carrots, spinach and beets. They all do well in the cold when protected from the elements.
This is what it looks like…big, white blankets!
We use wire supports under the row covers to keep the fabric from laying on the plants and mesh bags filled with crushed stone to hold the covers in place.

The online store is still up and running. We have moved the weekly pick-up to Tuesdays evenings from 4pm to 7:30pm to coincide with the farm schedule.

<– click on the image above to go to store.

Vegetable availability hasn’t changed much. We now have:

red & green slicing tomatoes
green onions
mixed greens
swiss chard
bok choy
mustard greens
sweet potatoes

Until next week,
Ben & Patricia

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