Joni Klem

I always brag about the items that I get from my farmers, Ben and Patricia! They have amazing variety and everything is worth trying out. When I started getting my CSA shares I wasn’t sure what half of it was. Patricia is very open with how to use all of the items and urges everyone to try the produce different ways. She is so right! I like Kohlrabi raw and my kids enjoy eating the carrots with the tops still on. Napini is a new favorite with our entire family.

I appreciate having Ben and Patricia as part of the family. They feed us from earth they have been working with their own hands for years. I’ve helped on the farm and understand what lengths they go to make everything grow with the best, most sustainable practices available. Ben and Patricia can be found educating through many of the area non-profits and I love that they are behind the Farm it Forward group. In Good Heart Farm is growing the next generation of farmers in a very positive manner and it is so yummy being a part!