Cassie Ramm

We have been CSA members with In Good Heart Farm for almost 4 years. It is singlehandedly the best thing we have done for our health! For ~$25/week, you get an amazing selection of delicious, organically grown (non-certified) produce. The value is incredible – you could not get this fresh of organic produce at Whole Foods for even close to this price.

Additionally, this is a legit CSA – COMMUNITY supported agriculture. There are several planting parties and farm events throughout the year for CSA members which are always great fun. Ben and Patricia (& their son Elliott) are incredible people who walk the walk when it comes to farming – they are exceptional stewards of the land and environment and put in countless hours to produce such an amazing product. The engagement with their CSA members is also wonderful – through weekly emails, Facebook, and Instagram – you really feel like a part of a like-minded community. You will not regret joining this CSA!!